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Notice 8/23/2022

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Update 8/17/2021

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Update 4/7/2021

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Update 1/14/2021

Recently we have seen the high infection rate of COVID in CT and Waterbury is definitely a hot spot for the virus in the State. I have promised you that the health and safety of our community would be foremost in my mind as we make decisions about in-school learning. We all believe that in school learning under normal situations is best, and we all want desperately to be back in school. That being said, with the infection rate being what it is, and with the threat that it will continue to increase with the introduction of the new British variant of the disease, I have decided to push forward the opening date for in-school learning to after Presidents' Day on February, 16th. I truly understand how difficult this will be for many of you, but I trust that what is most important to all of us is the health and safety of every member of our community. Even as I write this, two of our teachers have just tested positive for COVID.

Thank you once again for your continuing flexibility and support.

Update 11/17/2020

Move to remote learning

Barbara Ruggiero, Executive Director • 11/17/20

After considerable discussion of the current public health situation in the City as well as within our own school, we have decided that the most judicious move at this point is to transition to a fully remote program beginning on Thursday, November 19 until Tuesday, January 19th. Just today, we were forced to close the four seventh and eighth-grade classrooms because of COVID exposure. The pre-k has been closed and slated to reopen tomorrow but we have decided that it will remain closed as it makes little sense to return for one day. All students who are currently learning in school will leave tomorrow with the materials they will need moving forward. We will establish a date and time for students who have been learning remotely to pick up materials if their teachers require them to have materials beyond what they currently have, for continued remote learning. A few notes: the office will be open each day from 9 to 1; please look for an email from Mrs. Gaynor about meals during this time; continue to send computer questions, should you have one, to

We all wish that this move was not necessary and that everyone was back in school, but we feel that to ensure the health and safety of each and every member of our community, that this is the right move at this time particularly as COVID numbers will continue to increase particularly during the upcoming holiday season. We are all nervous about losing precious learning opportunities but believe we are providing a robust virtual program. That being said, I will repeat myself. We cannot do this alone. Your child's academic growth is highly dependent on your oversight of their schoolwork each and every day. It is almost impossible to make up what might be lost if a student is not fully engaged during this time. Thank you in advance for your partnership in your student's education. We will get through this!

Stay safe!

Dr. Barbara

Update 8/26/2020
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Update 8/18/2020
Click here to view the Slides from the School Reopening Town Hall Meetings.

Update 7/24/2020

Dear Members of the Brass City Charter School Community,

I am sharing with you our plan to return to school for the 2020-2021 school year. The one thing we know for sure is that the future is uncertain, and plans are subject to change. As we engaged in many conversations to develop this plan, we always returned to our first priority – the health and safety of our entire community. Per state requirements, we will allow all students the opportunity to return to school this fall. That being said, we will offer a remote program for those who choose to remain at home. Our program will be designed so that there is an easy transition from school to home if circumstances change.

The success of the year is dependent on our collaboration. We promise you a student-focused, flexible program that will provide the rigorous learning experience that is the hallmark of our school. More than ever, we will rely on the support of all our parents/guardians to work side by side with their children to ensure consistent and engaged participation whether in the physical classroom or at home. It is critical that students continue to experience academic growth as we enter a new school year. In these challenging times, now more than ever, we must all work together towards that common goal.

Of course, everyone is concerned about specific health and safety protocols that will be in place to ensure that the buildings and classrooms are clean and disinfected. We will absolutely follow all public health and CDC guidelines. Details are contained in this plan.

I believe that we will have a productive year as we move forward together - BCCS STRONG!

Dr. Barbara

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Reopening Plans

Planes de reapertura e
n español

Update 7/2/2020

Schools have been instructed to plan to have all students return to schoolhouses for full-time instruction at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year so long as public health data continues to support this model. The State’s decision reflects two major themes: health and safety matter most and students thrive best in school. We must be prepared, though, to pivot instantly should the situation change. We have also been advised to develop plans for those families who may temporarily choose not to participate in the return to school.

We will submit a reopening plan to the state by July 24th and at that time we will share details of the plan on our website. Rest assured that we have the welfare of our children and staff uppermost in our thoughts as we develop this plan.

En español
Las Escuelas han sido instruidas que desarrollen un plan para el regreso a clases de todos sus estudiantes para recibir enseñanza a tiempo completo para el comienzo del año escolar 2020-2021, siempre y cuando la data del Departmento de Salud continue siguiendo este modelo.La posición del Estado de Connecticut refleja dos temas principales: La salud y la seguridad tienen máxima importancia y, los estudiantes se desarrollan mucho mejor cuando estan en la escuela. Sin embargo debemos estar preparados para cualquier cambio en los modelos en cualquier momento. En adición se nos ha recomendado que las escuelas desarrollen planes alternos diseñados para aquellas familias que temporeramente decidan no participar del regreso a clase.

Brass City Charter presentará el plan de reapertura en julio 24 2020 y en ese momento compartiremos através de nuestra pagina web los detalles del mismo.
Reiteramos para su tranquilidad que para nosotros es de mayor importancia el óptimo bienestar tanto de nuestros estudiantes y facultad al desarrollar nuestro plan de reapertura Año Escolar 2020- 2021.